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Philppine waterfalls Calbayog city

Philippine waterfalls Calbayog City

Calbayog city can boast that they have a magnificent rainforest and most beautiful cascading Philippine waterfalls in the Philippines Calbayog city located on the western side of Samar the third largest island in the Philippines endowed with spectacular sceneries within the islands tropical rainforest majestic waterfalls magnificent caves and rock formations. Calbayog city is blessed with rich fishing grounds and beautiful beaches.  The road from Allen to Calbayog followers the coast line passing through small village’s rivers and estuaries with magnificent views of nipa palms on the side of the road and in the background mountains and the rainforest that is located within the island's interior where some of the best waterfalls in the Philippines are located. Magnificent Philippines holiday destination Calbayog city dubbed the city of Philippines waterfalls this country province offers visitors the delights of Paradise


Bangon Bugtong waterfalls

Bangon Bugtong falls is a scenic spot defiantly worth visiting it about one hour and 30 minutes ride from Calbayog until you reach the Barangay Tinaplacan then another 30 to 45 minute walk. It has a large lake about 30 meters across. Bangon Bugtong Falls is a beautiful place just to sit and relax have a picnic as you watch the water gush in from the mountain side. It is also a good place to go for swim watch the local people slide down the rocks as they splash into the water the water gushes in from the top of the mountain from a height more than 20 meters. The walk from the highway is an adventure in itself once you leave the highway you walk about 15 minutes until you reach a footpath that takes you all the way to Bangon Bugton falls. This walkway takes you through a cool interior of trees and native flora as you walk beside the river leading to the falls. But this walk is not for the faint hearted there are some step hills to walk over but once you make it to the Bangon Bugtong Falls you soon forget about it when you see this magnificent sight. You have to wade through some water about knee high to reach the bottom of the falls if you are taking food and drinks I suggest you get some help of the local people here are always willing to help. And if you have a camera be sure you put it somewhere safe because there are some slippery places on the rocks but once again if you have any trouble the local people will help you they are very kind and considerate.

Blanca Aurora

Blanca Aurora Falls another great adventure to get to Blanca Aurora Falls you can catch a bus from the Calbayog bus terminal. The bus journey takes about 45 minutes and hour if there is a lot of traffic you ask the bus driver to stop San Jorge in the Barangay of Erenas once you reach San Jorge Blanca Aurora Falls are about five kilometers of the national highway. Unless you have a four wheel drive there is only one other way to get to Blanca Aurora falls, that is by motorbike. Although a lot of the road is concreted there are some section of the road is a bit wet and muddy especially after rain. You can get a service of the local Habal Habla drivers they charge 250 pesos for a return journey of two people the journey to the falls a great experience just to see how the people live and transport their grocery and food home. This road Is in the countryside not much traffic but every time someone goes passed you it is on a motorbike with their shopping. I have been traveling the Philippines for a long time but this is the first time I have seen how hard some of these people live just by isolation. Once you reach the Blanca Blanca falls you will see a beautiful river with the water cascading down the rocks into a pool of water that flows on through the river this is a very good place for swimming many different areas and places to swim a good place for a picnic plenty of places to relax under the shade of the trees. There are plenty of shops close by so refreshment are easy to find.

Larik Falls

On the way to Bangon Bugtong falls you will find Larik Falls located in the Barangay Tinaplacan Larik falls is about ten meters in length and about four meters high a great place to go for a swim in a very cool body of Water.

Pan As Falls These falls are an hour drive from Calbayog  then another hour walk to reach these falls located in Barangay Pilar Oquendo District Pan as falls is surrounded by some very beautiful trees. This is a good place to enjoy the beauty of the Rainforest while you bush walk to these falls.
Philippines waterfalls Ton ok Falls

One of the best waterfalls in Calbayog hidden within Samar tropical rainforest the ton ok falls is located at Barangay saga Oquendo. This Calbayog waterfall is a 45 minute drive from Calbayog city to hanging bridge. This is where you will find this magnificent waterfall.

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